Motivational Speaker L.A. Chandlar

Laurie has lectured and led workshops nationally for a wide variety of audiences including executives, students, social entrepreneurs, historical societies, and U.N. Diplomats. She is a member of the Sisters in Crime national speakers bureau.


“Laurie was a great mix of inspiration and education. She was able to translate theory into action...I left with my journal full of notes and my mind full of ideas.”

— Kevin G., Corporate Consultant 

Lecture and Workshop Topics

The Art Deco Mysteries- Author Events - 1930s NYC

A behind the scenes look at the 1930s world of The Art Deco Mystery Series. For book clubs, books stores, and public lectures. See through the eyes of the 99th mayor of NYC, Fiorello La Guardia, and other characters from the books. Travel to Detroit, London, and NYC, back to the innovative and tumultuous time of gangsters, speakeasies, and skyscrapers.

Demystifying Creativity

Borrowing key principles from her acclaimed Fight to Keep Creativity Alive series, and years of research into the nature and psychology of human creativity, Laurie can engage a wide variety of audiences on the important and often misunderstood topic of creativity. From a compelling lecture, to a hands on workshop, to an afternoon mini creativity bootcamp, Laurie can entertain, inspire and leave audiences with practical steps to start an extraordinary journey to explore creativity more fully.

Lecture/Worksop Formats:

  • Demystifying Creativity Personally (60 minutes): An intriguing look at the psychology of creativity and a debunking of the myths surrounding it. Are we all creative or just some of us? How do we make it work when life is complicated? How do we navigate the urgent vs. the important? Why is it important if we don’t have a creative career?

  • Demystifying Creativity in the Workplace (60 minutes): A thoughtful and realistic look at how creativity usually works in the office, and how it could be. Once it’s understood, figure out its powerful potential. Why is creativity a top character quality of CEOs yet 75% of people feel they are not living up to their creative potential? Revealingly, discover why 70% of employees feel disengaged and how it is all related to our search for creativity. 

  • Demystifying Creativity Overview (75 minutes): A combination of the above two lectures.

  • Creativity Bootcamp (75 minutes): A hands-on time to apply and consider the above seminars with a generative way of impacting the community through this innovative time of application.

New York City Historical Lectures

For over a decade LA Chandlar has been "living" in 1930s New York City. As a writer of historical fiction, she has researched and experienced the secrets of NYC in the era of The Great Depression, gangsters, and the age of innovation. From The Empire State Building to Rockefeller Center, to the secret entrance of a legendary speakeasy, Laurie weaves together engaging and enlightening lectures about the greatest city in the world.

Lecture Formats:

NYC History (60 minutes): Discover the fantastic history of NYC from its inception to the present. Most importantly, find out how we are all part of a bigger story of creativity and the rich history of risk-taking, as we work in NYC.

Seasonal Lecture: History & Holidays on the Rocks

A special lecture offering in November and December. Laurie weaves together the true stories and the people behind our most enduring holiday traditions for an entertaining, inspiring, and unforgettable holiday experience.

From the origin of the first Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center in1931, to the powerful WWI Truce of 1914, the end of the Civil War and the incredible Jewish response to Lincoln’s assassination, to several pivotal points in history that originated in New York City and made the holiday season what it is today.

Laurie’s engaging multi-media presentation is perfect as a lunchtime lecture or a holiday event. As a fun follow up to the lecture, treat your audience to a holiday vintage cocktail tasting straight out of the Art Deco NYC cocktail movement of the 20’s and 30’s.

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