The Jewish Santa Claus - a short story

“Why do you do it?” said Ed, his voice raspy and deep, filled with scorn and old things not forgiven or forgotten.

“What do you mean?” said the man with a large bag in his hands, continuing his methodical gift placement. Two small square boxes with blue and silver wrappings next to the menorah. Two small square boxes in bright red wrapping next to the miniature Christmas tree. One large rectangular shirt-sized box next to the menorah, one next to the tree, and so on. His large hands carefully, tenderly placing each gift just so.

“Why do you leave gifts for us? You don’t owe us anything,” said Ed gruffly, shifting himself a bit higher in the plaid chair as he steadied his cane that was resting on the arm.

“I just do,” he said simply with an enigmatic grin stretching across his face.

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The Dividends of Art

What if we were living up to our creative potential? What if we were living more fully? Creativity leads to employee engagement, imagination, innovation, higher productivity, and emotional investment at work (Entrepreneur Magazine). If one person creates and feels more full, more alive and productive, what about a whole community? A whole city? A whole nation? What would that look like? What good could be achieved? What could be built? What could we overcome?

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The Journey of Writing Pt 2 - What the Process Looks Like: from Pen to Publisher

Everyone’s journey, process, road – whatever you feel like calling it – looks different. Some people are 21 years old, write a manuscript, and voila! Presto Change-o, someone they know knows someone else and suddenly they get a publisher right off the bat. Those are exciting stories. Yet for the 99.999% of other writers, like me, stories like that...

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SILVER GUN to be released September 2017 through Kensington Publishing

Announcing The Silver Gun, to be released in September 2017 through Kensington Publishing. This first book in L.A. Chandlar's historical mystery series is set in 1930s NYC and features Lane Sanders, the personal aide to Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia. Lots of famous cameo appearances, gangsters to wrangle with, humor, romance, and capers throughout the awesome city that even in the midst of The Depression showed its incomparable grit, innovation, art, and of course cocktails and music. THE GOLD PAWN (book 2) to be released in September 2018, and THE PEARL DAGGER (book 3) in September 2019.

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