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The Christmas Journalist

Jane Smith is a journalist from Chicago who reluctantly agrees to take on a mediocre assignment about the history of Christmas traditions. But a lost letter from a WWI soldier to a mysterious woman named Willow, sends her on an anything-but-average adventure to New York City that will change her life. She meets with historians and ancestors of pivotal people, not to mention a handsome man who is being secretive about his connection to that lost letter. As they begin to share with her the stories behind these well-known traditions, Jane realizes The Christmas Journalist is anything but a mediocre moniker. 

The captivating tales from all over the world illuminate the people and the magic behind Christmas including the first Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center in 1931; the first gifts appearing in stockings in 4th century Turkey; the 1822 poet behind ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas; a Jewish man at the funeral of Abraham Lincoln who inspired a trip to the Holy Land where a famous carol was penned... Along the way, The Christmas Journalist herself discovers the generosity and enchantment that is at the root of Christmas, and how beauty and magic are just around the corner. If you’re ready and willing to see it.

LA Chandlar’s take on modern and historical New York City is electrifying. You’ll never look at Christmas the same way again
— Amy E. Bennett, NYC Multimedia Producer

Brass is the most practical book on creativity I’ve read. There is nothing like it out there.
— A. Carpenter, fitness instructor, homeschool-mom

Brass is the latest book in the Fight To Keep Creativity Alive series. Creativity is for all of us. Brass debunks the myth that you’re either creative or you’re not. Why all the weapons, you ask? Creativity has a potent capacity to keep you from feeling like you’re sleepwalking through life. But you have to fight for it. Life is hectic, there are so many demands on us all; how can we fit in one more thing? Well, this book is a set of brass knuckles to help you fight through it. Creativity gives far more than it takes. If we want to work, play and live more fully, we have to fight to keep creativity alive.

“Brass is for everyone. It will make you want to start creating immediately!"     -A. Herr, President of Excellence Leadership Coaching

“I found FTKCA to be daring, transparent and completely relatable.”           –D. Montel, NYC Executive Coach