The Journey of Writing Pt 1 - Where the Journey Begins: Is it Worth it?

For my fellow real writers, the process starts here: Is it worth it? For those of you who are slogging it out, writing when you can, working for years on something that means so much to you, researching a time or a place… All the while writing, dreaming and hoping. This is for you.

A writer’s journey has many obstacles. You may be facing a blank page…with an inkling of an idea that starts to take shape. An idea that is alluring to your imagination. Or perhaps you’re facing many pages that seem incapable of finding their ending. Maybe this is from an inability to find the time to complete it or maybe the book’s journey is so twisting and turning, it’s gotten lost and cannot find The End. Part of your heart continually yearns to go back to that keyboard, to find out what’s going to happen next. Or how you’re going to get your heroine out of the pickle you just got her into… This ongoing battle is about the frustration of constantly fighting the urgent versus the important in life. The squeaky wheels always get oiled, but are they the most important part of the car? Not really. These are the obstacles real writers face. And the journey is perilous, fraught with lack of time, lack of energy, and the most pernicious of villains: self-doubt. Is this you?

I’m in the middle of it, too. And for anyone who knows me personally, you know that I’ve been on this journey for many years. I’ve told my story for all of those years. I think that we need to tell each other our stories in the middle – not only after we’ve reached the summit. I did reach one of the summits recently, I got signed with Kensington Publishers for a three book deal. At last, at last! But it was a long road. Five years of my agent submitting manuscripts. Not to mention the time it took to hunt for an agent. Not to mention the time it took to write the book. Not to mention the time it took to figure out how to write the book. Has it been worth all that effort? All that time? All that gut-gnawing concern that it might not get published? All those questions from people: Is it published yet? We live in a time of getting things done quick and we want it painless and right now. Is it really, really worth it?

Yes. It’s worth it.

And this is where the journey starts for anyone who wants to write. To be a Real Writer. You must decide if it’s worth it for you. The main reason that I told people about my endeavors - all the ups and downs - is because of one life-changing lesson I’ve learned. It’s the key to being a real writer.

This journey was worth it before I got signed.

If you answer yes, it IS worth it for you and you need advice and some cheering on… Read on to Part 2!